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Earth Hour 2010 at Kamandalu

Kamandalu Resort and Spa in Ubud, Bali , is proud to partake in our social responsibility to make a better world for future generations. We have been actively undertaking several actions to support the environment and to preserve Balinese culture.

Commitment to Save the Environment and Nature

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa is peacefully nestled between terraced rice paddies and the green tropical valley. Besides having a stunning natural landscape, Kamandalu is also well known for its traditional Balinese village architecture. However, little is known about how much effort and patience is required for growing and maintaining such a spectacular sight. The growth process of rice paddies takes approximately 4 months from the time of planting to harvest-time, which includes the process of drying the land, plowing the land, cultivating the soil, replanting the rice and of course watering the field. During this process the traditional farmers still maintain the unique Balinese traditional irrigation system called Subak. Subak is a unique irrigation system that involves religious rituals that are associated with the growing stages of the planted rice. This system solely relies on communal support of the local villagers to operate and maintain the irrigation of the rice paddies.

  • In an effort to promote environmental preservation, with the belief that today's action is tomorrow's solution, Kamandalu Resort and Spa proudly announces the Tree Planting Program. VIPs and guests from different continents have participated in planting various kinds of trees in the resort's lush garden. Various seeds of rare tropical tress have been planted, such as Bali Pomelo (Citrus Maxima), Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), Water Apple (Syzygium aqueum), Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) , Golden Teak (Tectona grandis linn), as well as God's Crown (Phaleria macrocarpa) of which leaves and fruits are clinically proven to be powerful anti-oxidants to assist in the healing of cancer and tumors.
    See our list of Tree Planting Program participants.

  • In promoting good health for our guests, Kamandalu Resort and Spa serves organic ingredients grown in our own backyard. There, in the Chef's Garden, the Kamandalu staff grows ginger, tomatoes and garlic, to name a few, which then are picked and freshly served to guests in our delectable East Meets West cuisine.

  • The famous Ardea alba or also known as the White Heron - found in most of the tropical and warmer temperate parts of the world - is one of the distinctive species that is included in the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA). Kamandalu's guests have the unique opportunity to observe these conserved birds every evening in Petulu Village (±1 km from the resort), as these birds return to their nests every evening.

  • In an effort to preserve water and minimize chemical waste, Kamandalu Resort and Spa encourages guests to participate in the Upon Request program for bed-linens and towels. Guests are asked to take part in this effort by minimizing the daily replacement of their linens and towels which ultimately saves water and reduces chemical waste.

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa uses environmentally-friendly chemical substances in maintaining the cleanliness of villas and public areas.

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa actively supports recycling programs by separating organic and non-organic garbage.

Commitment to Preserve the Balinese Art & Culture

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa proudly holds regular art exhibitions at Bale Seni, featuring local talented Balinese artists. The art features traditional paintings to contemporary works that portray Balinese religious influences as well as daily activities.

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa collaborates together with the classical Balinese dance Maestro Ni Gusti Ayu Raka to preserve Balinese culture. Dance Maestro Ni Gusti Ayu Raka has been a Balinese legend ever since her successful performance at London 's West End and New York 's Broadway in 1952 with her fellow dancers and musicians from her village of Peliatan , near Ubud. Her historical performance was documented in the book “Dancing Out of Bali”. Now, in this rare opportunity, Kamandalu's guests are able to learn Balinese dance from the Maestro herself every Saturday at 2-3 PM at Bale Ketemu.

Commitment to Conserve Energy

  • Kamandalu Resort and Spa is actively replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs in the whole resort area as one of our commitments to fight against global warming.
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