Tapping the Power of
Participatory Leadership - in Bali

You are invited to be part of an innovative global community of leaders in organizations, corporations, and affiliate groups who all share a desire for breakthroughs that will enhance and engage their capacity for success and leadership excellence. This powerful Facilitative Leadership® workshop will strengthen the relationship between leadership and participation, offering a proven method for turning obstacles into opportunities. Great leaders and managers know how to get things done while caring deeply about their organizations’ success.

The Balinese perspectives on leadership and integral living will provide a fascinating context for expanding your capacity as global leaders in the 21st century. This gorgeous island is one of the most peaceful, beautiful places on earth, and was the recent location for the 2007/08 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Bali’s rich, relationship-oriented culture has much to offer about learning to live harmoniously with one another and our planet. Imagine the excitement and transformative opportunities you’ll have in exploring the emergence of a new kind of sustainable leadership that emanates from indigenous wisdom and is grounded in an exchange of cutting-edge leadership practices.

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Time of Vital Transformation

Many of us wish to contribute to positive change in our community or the larger world-to be a change agent and social entrepreneur. This workshop may be your next step, helping you match your inner vision and personal calling to your skills, values, and circumstances.

You are invited to join others from many countries in a rich, multi-cultural learning and sharing experience as we collectively explore the principles and practices of visionary leadership and social entrepreneurship at the personal and organizational levels. In this interactive, engaging, and thought provoking 5-day workshop, we will blend leadership training, community building, skill development, and authentic dialogue, all enhanced by the magnetism of Bali and the wisdom of the group.

In this workshop we will:

  • Investigate new dimensions of innovative partnerships and collaborative leadership
  • Strengthen skills in communication, authentic dialogue, and community-building
  • Learn to transform conflict, explore differences, and deepen multi-cultural relationships
  • Shape visions into effective action through principles of social entrepreneurship
  • Create new cross-cultural alliances and enhance global connections

Visionary Leadership will include unique personal encounters with Balinese village leaders, both in our workshop and in their own community settings.  Bali’s harmonious and grace-filled culture will inspire and enlarge our own visions of a leadership style that values community, connection, and commitment.

For registration and more information, please visit
www.baliinstitute.org or call us 415-331-7552 (USA)


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