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March - april 2020
Kamandalu Ubud, a five star luxury resort in Ubud, Bali

Be Well, Be Safe, Our World - Sending Serenity Vibe from Kamandalu Ubud   Be well, Be Safe, Our World
Sending Serenity Vibe from Kamandalu Ubud

The world right now is in a despair, shaken by the pandemic of Covid-19. It has stopped us from doing our daily routines that we take so much for granted: Our freedom, our health, hugging the ones we love, going to places and across the borders, socializing with friends over just a simple meals, buying our weekly grocery with abundance of products on the shelves for our daily needs.

However, we at Kamandalu Ubud, always try to look at the bright side of life. The pandemic has made us stopped from our hectic lives and re-evaluate what are the most luxurious and important things in our lives: Spending time with loved ones at home, taking care of our health, putting aside our differences to help each other, letting mother nature to rejuvenate as transportation and factories activities are reduced and that we, as a human race are connected and that we are equal regardless of our skin and race. Together, we can fight this corona virus and finally, we hopefully, this pandemic will teach us how to value life differently, focusing on what is really important in live.

Doing our part at  Kamandalu Ubud   Doing our part

At Kamandalu Ubud, we do what we can to ensure everyone is safe. Everyday, everyone (our guests, our employees, our suppliers) entering our premises will have their body temperature checked. If anyone has a body temperature of 37.5 °Cor above, regretfully, is not permitted to enter our premises and we refer them to a medical clinic.

As our guests, employees, suppliers enter the premises after passing the temperature check, they are to use hand sanitizers that we provide all throughout the resort. We also invite a medical doctor to give a short seminar to all of our team to educate them on corona virus, how to avoid it and how to build our immune system and live a healthy life.

Our team also works hard to ensure the hygiene of our villas and all around the resort. We do disinfectant spray throughout the resort. We increase the number of general cleaning to safeguard the resort's cleanliness.

When everything is better, we cannot wait to welcome many of our guests who are unable to stay with us due to this current situation.

In the meantime, we are sending vibes of serenity to all of our Kamandalu's extended family in this time of uncertainty. May everyone have peace that overcomes panic and we wish everyone to stay safe and stay healthy.

Hot Deal, 30% resort credit from room rate - Kamandalu Ubud, Bali   our appreciation

As our appreciation to our guests, we are offering a 30% complimentary resort credit from the room rate when you book directly with us. This resort credit can be used all throughout the resort including our Floating Breakfast, Candle Light Dinner, Romantic Dinner, Forest Dining, Picnic on the Boat, Forest and/ or Chaya Spa and many more.

Please contact our reservation at reservation@kamandaluresort.com for further information.

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Silent Day in Bali   Silent "Nyepi" Day
March 25, 2020 marks the Balinese Saka New Year. It is also known as Nyepi or Silent Day as it is a quiet time for introspection. For 24 hours the whole island comes to a complete stop without artificial lighting, no transportation (even the airport is closed). It is time to reflect on one's life.

As the government advises for social distancing in light of the current situation, people are not allowed to gather for festivity, so there will be no Ogoh-Ogoh parades nor the unique Fire War in a nearby village that usually take place a day before Nyepi. However, the core of the ceremony is still celebrated by limiting the number of people who can attend it.

If you happen to stay with us at KamandaluUbud during this Saka New Year, join us in respecting the Balinese tradition by adhering to the rules of Nyepi Day, which are intended to banish evil spirits from the island.

Exeptional stay during our time in Ubud
Sun Chasing Travelers on TripAdvisor

We loved the time we spent at Kamandalu in Ubud. It's such a relaxing and peaceful place to stay. The staff made our stay very comfortable and unforgettable. We loved our villa with a private pool and the bed and bathroom were both very big and comfortable. The food at Kamandalu is very delicious and we enjoyed their Spa treatments with a Balinese Massage a lot. They offer shuttle service to Ubud town and complimentary Yoga every morning in the most beautiful Yoga hall, overlooking the jungle. Besides we had a very beautiful and romanitc candle light dinner which they set up with so much love and a picnic Lunch within their own ricefields which was beautiful too. We highly recommend Kamandalu for your stay in Ubud.

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